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The Difference Between Success & Failure In Business

Sales Influx Strategist Lianne-Carla Savage

Sales Influx Strategist Lianne-Carla Savage

After more than a decade of studying, running and advising small businesses; I have discovered several key distinctions that separate value creators from value takers.

It’s not about how many times you should post on your Facebook page, which strategies are “crushing it right now” or anything that relates to the many tactics available to you to grow your business.

It’s the reason why some people seem to create outrageous success with ease whilst others seem to be doing the same things yet are stuck spinning their wheels getting nowhere fast.

Now it’s pretty obvious that you will find you are already in possession of a few of these key distinctions. After all, you being here right now demonstrates that you are at least on your way to being a highly successful value creator.

The value takers just aren’t the type of people who invest time and effort into improving their life.

Now, I know you’re the type of person who wants things laid out straight so let’s crack on at look at these 16 key distinctions.

1. We value creation over attraction. There’s a whole heap of information about the “Law of Attraction”, and the power of positive thinking . Value creators know that doing what needs to be done brings better results than simply putting a message out the the Universe and hoping for the best. We figure out how to get things done and use our valuable connections (See Distinction Number 8) to speed up the process.

2. We practice consistent habits. Value takers do one thing one time, don’t get the results they desire and move on to the next bright shiny object. When you become a value creator you know that there’s a million and one pathways to success and whichever one you choose you have to keep on moving towards success each and every day.

3. We make a decision about the type of person we want to be. We start right away aligning our thoughts and actions with the actions of the sort of person we have decided we are.

4. We make marketing a priority.  Because we know that marketing is key to getting the value we have to offer into the hands of those who need it.

5. We aren’t afraid to invest in ourselves & our businesses. Because we know the difference between spending money & investing money. Takers spend money on the value others have to offer. Creators invest money on ways to create value for others.

6. We clarify everything. Whether it’s contracts between strategic alliance partners, clarification is critical. Just because we are the risk takers it doesn’t mean we take uninformed risks.

7. We know the value of our assets. So many value takers don’t even realise what they have to work with. That’s why they are constantly focused on what they can get from others. Not us. We know exactly what we have to offer and use that knowledge to create mutually beneficial relationships.

8. We pride relationships above everything. It’s possible to create outstanding success and experience devastating losses yet, if you pride relationships above all else, you can never really lose it all.

9. We do not allow current situations to limit us. We know that people have started off in some of the worst situations imaginable and have gone on to incredible success in life and in business. We know if they can do it, we can do it too!

10. We create systems to make success easy. We find what works and we keep making it work we don’t just do it once and then move on to the next great idea. Hint: If you are trying everything and not getting much further chances are you need to go back to what works and turn it into a simple repeatable system.

11. We dig deeper. We don’t just take things as given and we do the work to find out exactly how to play the game and win. Limitations are only temporary in our world.

12. We serve the crowd, we don’t follow it. There’s a reason why 99% of people are in the 99 percent. There are a small number of rich people who’ve got there through less than moral pathways. The truth is that people do immoral things in all levels of society. Value creators know this and do not allow the immoral actions of others stop us from creating immense value.

13. We keep working on the 9 Levers of Business Growth. Focusing purely on reaching more people is a fools game if you are not using the opportunities currently available to you to provide more value

14. We look for opportunities to create value. Because we know that the only way to achieve everything we want in life is to help lots of people get what they want in life.

15. We always follow up. Again, we don’t leave the ball in other peoples court. We don’t put the minimum effort in and hope for the best and we definitely don’t sacrifice our success out of fear that someone might think we are “pushy” for simply checking in.

16. We do not wait for anyone to give us permission. We know that when we look to others for permission, we are allowing their values, judgements and limitations dictate our lives.

The reason I have shared the above facts is not so that you can check off the list, feel good about yourself and then carry on having an average day.

We’ve already agreed that you aren’t that sort of person. Right?

Look, I want to keep my best business-boosting content out of the hands of the people looking for push-button miracles and a lazy-a$$ “laptop lifestyle”.

I know it’s safe now because they will have given up reading further up the page.

I want to make it exclusively available to people like you.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

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- Lianne-Carla Savage